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Dougles gave me advises on what kind of keywords I should use for SEO marketing and had helped me plan out my website flows to make it better for users to read my website. Monthly reports were also generated for my record and plan out what to do next to boost the keywords ranking and in addition, giving marketing business advises outside of SEO which will help to increase sales for my company. Overall I strongly recommended business owner that never try SEO before, to use Dougles SEO Services.

Han Yao – CEO of Affordable Aircon Services

I followed your blog and teachings for acquiring new sales contacts and clients. I purchased the mail bomber and a few of your white papers as well. I’m happy to report today that I started a staffing company in August of 2015 and I generated $2.1 Million in sales in 2016. Thank you for your inspiration and tips.


Let me take the chance to express my heartfelt gratitude to you. Thanks to your professional and experienced work on SEO for our clinic for the past 1 year, our clinic has received a significant increase of enquiry from online searches! We used to have no online enquiry at all. Yet just last month we have gotten 7 new customers who found us online! We also can see our website been ranked on the first or second page on our targeted keywords consistently. No wonder you are called the SEO Master!

Michael Yan – Clinic Director

Before engaging Dougles, I was struggling to try to grow my website’s SEO status trying options like engaging other agencies or learning methods of my own but to no avail. barely having a few keywords past the 5-6 page of Google.

I got to know Dougles from a biz partner who’s SEO is managed by Dougles, and I’ve seen him getting leads via SEO and that got me intrigued to consider him for my own website’s SEO. After contacting Dougles and discussing options to grow my website, I left the whole SEO growing/fixing to him and true enough, within 2-3 weeks he gave me an update, showing me that the keywords have already reached 2-3rd page.

Honestly, I was very impressed by seeing that my website could have reached that position is such a short has been about 2-3 months, and I’ve already seen 50% of the keywords up to 1st page(not even kidding!) and have been getting leads from SEO importantly. Dougles really did an awesome job pushing my company forward and I’m truly grateful for him to help me out!

Mathias Yip – Yipmage Moments, Wedding Photography Singapore.

Dougles is one of the best digital marketing strategists in town. With years of consulting experience with businesses of different scales and types, Dougles provided great in puts and advises which are the invaluable sales boosters for my business.”

Jolyn Zheng

Scotts Digital helmed by Dougles has been an excellent social media partner for us. They delivered with professional aplomb and we will not hesitate to recommend them to everyone.

Victor Teoh – Group MD. Recruitplus Consulting Pte Ltd