Kok Wai Chee

I started learning Cho Ga (曹家咏春) Wing Chun in year 2016. Personally, I like it. This is a martial art that you can hardly get to learn from anywhere else

Patrick our master, is willing to teach and impart his unique knowledge and art of skill to his student. And, I must say these are very practical combative fighting and defencing skill of Art. Apart from acquiring the martial Art, Wing Chun also help to strengthen your mind, health and body through the breathing and execution movement.
The wonderful part which I like is transforming your non master limbs to an active arm and leg. Imagine, you have additional hand and leg to help you when you are confronted. Is not hard to imagine that you are actually in the upper hand.
Words cannot say more until you experience yourself on the transformation and changes once you master it.