Frasir Chan

Have been learning Cho Ga Wing Chun from Master Patrick for over 15 years. Through the practices I found my responsiveness to things happening around me was sharpened and most of the time faster.

Master Patrick teaches the external form of the art and the flow of strength when executing it. This is important because our strength varies at different times, and reduces when we age, when we understand where the strength of each execution comes from, we are no longer solely dependent on just physical strength alone. This principle not only applies to executing the art, but also applies to all aspects of our physical movement daily. At my age, reaching mid-50, I know what I’m talking about.

Finally, can the art defend oneself? I believe it can, not like how you see it in movies. But rather, it gives you the ability to temporarily immobile the aggressor, and time to escape a situation to get help – an experience I encountered when on a business trip in Manila. The price to pay – practice what we learn from Master Patrick daily.

跟隨Patrick師傅學習曹家詠春拳超過 15 年。通過這些練習,我發現我對周圍發生的事情的反應更加敏銳,而且大部分時間都更快。

Patrick師傅是武術的外部形式和力量的流動一起教。這一點很重要,因為我們的力量在不同的時間會發生變化,並且隨著年齡的增長而減少,當我們了解每次執行的力量來自哪裡時,我們不再僅僅依賴於體力。這個原則不僅適用於武術,也適用於我們日常身體運動的個方面。在我這個年齡,達到 50 歲中期,我可以做見證。