10 Ways to Create Success in Life

Many people have asked me how I came back from million-dollar losses and bounced back when I was really down and out a many years ago.

Those are the days when you see who your real friends are and who your “unreal” friends are.

It is very sad when you are high up there, living in a 25,000 sq. ft., two-story house, running a multi million-dollar business, attending high level social networking events for the rich and famous, being featured in the PEAK magazine and it all just disappears….

It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was very tough. It took me 6 months to get over it and another few months to decide what I really wanted to do after this failure.

I was only 34 at that point. Below are the things I did over the next few years to turn the tables around to my favor.

Read on….

1. Decided not to see “money” as the most important thing.  

Many will disagree with me on this, but let me share something worth pondering:

Why do you want money?

  • To buy something for yourself?
  • or your family or someone you adore?

Why do you want to do that?

  • To make them happy?
  • To create more respect for yourself
  • To feel more confident?

Isn’t that all about making you or the people around you feel better?

My question is: Do you have to have money so that you can have that feeling?

The answer is NO.

You can feel happier, your loved ones can feel better, and you can get more respect, love, and confidence when you choose to do so.

It can be done….when you really decide to do it.

2. Choosing something that I like to do.

I never knew I liked coaching people until the day I helped someone who had been jobless for almost six months.

Being the sole breadwinner of the family is really not easy when you have three kids, and if you don’t have a job, it is even worse. If you have been jobless for over 12 months, you will know what I really mean.

On the day I found her a job—and not just a job but one that she loved to do and at a salary that higher than her expectation—it was like a God-sent gift.

You see, when you do something you like to do, the outcome is not about the money, it’s the meaning behind what you are doing.

3. I didn’t care about what other people opinions.

My wife always worries about what others think of her and her family, and that really disturbs me.

When I decide to do something, another person’s consideration will never be my priority because it is the value of the things that is more important than anything else, and of course, it must be the right thing to do.

It is never about how other people think because that will not make any difference.

4. Deciding what I really wanted. 

Don’t tell me you want to become a millionaire; almost EVERYONE wants that, but ask yourself deeper, why do you want to become a millionaire?

Ask yourself deep inside the REAL reason you want to become a millionaire and why aren’t you achieving it now.

Pen it down, decide what you REALLY want, and go for it.

5. Accepting who you are.

I know I can never be contested in a manhunt competition because of my looks and size.

I am not tall, and I do not look like Tom Cruise (although I’d love to look like him!) and I accept what I am.

However, I know I am good at certain things that many people do not have: the willingness to learn, a burning desire, a passion to make things happen, and a never-give-up attitude.

With that, I have been able to overcome many hurdles and turn things around.

6. The best of my time.

You do not need to sleep 8-12 hours a day; 4-6 hours are good enough.

Read more books; listen to audios using your iPhone or iPad when you are travelling (well, if you are a Samsung fan, you can use the Samsung Galaxy).

Take every opportunity of your time to do something good, something worthwhile that can make a difference in your life and in other people’s lives.

It does not matter how small the thing is as long as you DO IT. Don’t waste time playing games on Facebook or iPhone; it’s a complete drain to your time and energy.

7. Invest plenty in technology.

Technology will make the difference between whether you are going to make it or break it.Technology can make you very rich and powerful, if you know how to use it.

Make an effort to read a lot about software, web platforms, applications, etc.

It will make A LOT of difference.

8.  Avoiding get-rich-quick scheme.

Those Internet get-rich-quick websites, where they promise that you will make millions of dollars, will burn you.
It just does not happen in real life.

You know what I’m talking about—those things like Internet marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO, SEM, making $XXX.000 in ebay or amazon, etc.

Come on, it is just another one of those!

They will charge you thousands of dollars to attend the training, and eventually you will not make money.


9) Knowing your real character

I know my character, I think I really know until I used Qimen Bazi to read my own character, and I was shocked to see so many things I have missed and when I recall my life, I start to understand why and how things are happening.

When we get to know ourselves better, we know our strength and weakness, we will be able to enhance our own strength and pay attention to our own weakness and when the weaknesses are activated, we consciously knows about it and we know what to do about it, this avoids many potential problems from happening and make life more smoothly and less bumpy.

10) Knowing What Career Really Makes you ALIVE

I was in the recruitment industry and was doing very well as a recruitment guru, and I am also an SEO Expert and dominating specific industry and many of my clients love and adore me so much, but one thing for sure, it gets bored after sometime, and I know I will get bored based on my character.

When I realized that Chinese Metaphysics is my next route of excitement, my energy went up 200% and I can lock on that topic, learning and helping more people with so much passion and energy. When you have a career that makes you alive, likelihood that will be the industry that you will shine.

Choose something you love to do, you will shine like a star.

Thank you for reading, and I will touch base again. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a note in the comments below, or drop me an email at cheers!

Be Happy Always – That’s the Key to Success!   

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