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SEO Expert Coaching

SEO Coaching to be an SEO EXPERT or SEO Specialist

If you are wanting to be an SEO expert or SEO specialist and needs a master to help you and guide you the correct way to be the SEO expert, you can approach Dougles Chan to coach and guide you to be the next SEO expert or SEO specialist.

What is the difference between SEO Expert and a SEO Specialist.

Basically, in terms of technicaly skill, SEO expert and SEO specalist is the same, however, it is use commonly in the industry and can be quite confusing at times.

Generally SEO expert do take part in the “Sales process” to generate clients, hence it is like doing a 360 SEO role, the sales part and the technical part of SEO.

What is an SEO Specialist.

Basically, the SEO specialist does only the technical aspect of ON-Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO. They do not involve in the selling of the process of the SEO services.

If you would like to be an SEO expert or SEO Specialist, do contact Dougles at 93880851 or email to dc