Adult Class

Students who would like to learn the traditional Cho Ga Wing Chun will need to go through the basic forms which will last about 6 months, which will include Thirteen Hands Form, Five Wheel Horse Stances, Single Hand Sticky Hands, Thirteen Hands Wooden Dummy Form and Small Idea Form.

Upon completion, a simple test will be given to see if the students will be qualified to move on to the intermediate form. Below are the syllabus for the Wing Chun Cho Ga.

Cho Ga Wing Chun Syllabus  

Basic Forms 入门基础套路

十三手Thirteen Hands Form (Sup Sam Sao)

五轮马 Five Wheel Horse Stances (Em Lun Ma)

单黐手 Single Hand Sticky Hands (Dan Chi Sao)

十三手桩 Thirteen Hands Wooden Dummy Form (Sup Sam Sao Jong)

小念头 Small Idea Form (Siu Lim Tao)

Intermediate Forms 中级套路

双黐手 Double Hand Sticky Hands (Seung Chi Sao)

黐八点 Eight Sticking Points (Chi Bak Dim)

四门手 Four Doors Hand (Sei Mun Sao)

碎打 Random Striking (Soi Da)

Advance Form 高级入室套路

木人桩 108 Wooden Dummy Form (Mok Yan Jong)

 少林头 Small Idea Male Form (Siu Lam Tao)

六点半棍 Six and Half Point Pole (Luk Dim Poon Gwan)

人字八暂刀 Man Character Eight Slashing Knives (Yan Jee Bak Jam Do)

摸桥 Feeling The Bridge (Mo Kiew)

小练头  Small Training Form (Siu Lin Tao)

Training Rates

Basic, intermediate and advanced form will be at S$250 per month. Lesson will be every weekly, 2 hours.

To enquire on the Cho Ga Wing Chun training, please contact the whatapps in the website or fill in the form below with your whatapp number:

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