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Dougles Chan

Dougles Chan is the #1 top sought after Google SEO Coach and SEO Consultant in Singapore. He is also known as the SEO Master Shifu with 18 years of SEO hands-on experience and an author of 5 books. Some people called him the SEO 諸葛亮 in Singapore. In recent years, he had also incorporated metaphysic into SEO to provide further precision and optimising the SEO results. He had SEO and optimised over 20,000+++ keywords and generated millions of visitors to multiple websites locally and internationally. In addition, Dougles Chan will also incorporate and integrate your business products or services into the WordPress SEO coaching and context so that you are able to have a 100% clear picture and idea of how it will be done. Currently, he provides top quality, strategic and tactical Google SEO coaching to individual and website owners.