Sifu Patrick Tham is the third-generation traditional martial art master within his family lineage in Singapore. Patrick’s granduncle was 谭俊文 who was also known as ‘Kit Suk’ (杰叔) was a famous Southern Chinese martial art master in Singapore and he was also the first chairman of Kong Chow Wui Koon lion dance troupe located at Chinatown. He was highly respected by the Chinese community and local martial art masters in Singapore for his benevolence and martial art expertise in the 1930s. Patrick’s father who inherited his uncle’s martial art was also a renowned martial art expert.

Sifu Patrick Tham started learning traditional Southern Chinese martial art, namely Hung Tou Choy Mei Southern Kung fu (洪头蔡尾) at the age of 7 and was personally coached by his father. His passion for martial arts led him to be exposed and gaining mastery over Southern and Northern Chinese martials arts, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun etc. He became a disciple of Master Ku Choi Wah who was a famous traditional Opera Wing Chun (班中詠春) master in Asia learning the rare art of Cho Ga Wing Chun.

Sifu Patrick Tham had travelled with his master to China and Malaysia for traditional martial art exchanges and meeting many experts in various martial arts.

Being a former police officer (1989 to 2010), Sifu Patrick Tham took part in Inter-Divisions Tae Kwon Do and Defense Tactic tournaments in the Singapore Police Force. He had also shared his Wing Chun knowledge and skills to his colleagues in Take-down techniques when handling criminals. His skills were tested and proven in many real life situations when dealing with hostile criminals.

In 2007, started to teach Wing Chun to students part time which started his journey to empower the special skill of Wing Chun to the public. In 2012, he left the Singapore Police Force and embarked on a full scale coaching career teaching traditional Cho Ga Wing Chun to selected students and disciples.  He started the Cho Ga Wing Chun school and have taught over 400 of students in Singapore and Bangkok.