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Top 10 Wing Chun School in the World


Wing Chun is not a sport-oriented martial art form, and it is a basic form of self-defense for everyday people against everyday people. It is a fighting style based on the concept of efficiency in combat. The goal is to teach everyone simple, practical actions that people can use on most people in most situations. Although people could apply this strategy to any fighting style, there is a Kung Fu martial art style that focuses solely on this approach. Wing Chun is a self-defense concept that focuses on close combat and employs punches, levers, and throws. According to the skill theory, the person with a better body structure wins the fight. The ideal system is like bamboo: solid but flexible, stable but mobile.


European Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

Address: 11 North Ave, Chelmsford CM1 2AL, United Kingdom


They can provide you with the expertise and knowledge you seek in martial art. Master Derek Jones, their teacher, studied the modified system with Victor Kan and the traditional method with Grandmaster William Cheung. Master Frank Roach and Master Mark Clark studied modified and traditional Wing Chun. They have chosen to teach the classic art of Wing Chun, which they have tested in dangerous real-life situations. They are available to everyone who wants to learn a higher level of martial arts; men, women, and children over 12 are welcome, regardless of fitness level.


US Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

Address: 1267 20th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States


Grandmaster Chris Chan, a first-generation student of the late Grandmaster Ip Man, founded the school in San Francisco in 1960. During his training in Hong Kong, Grandmaster Chris Chan studied alongside martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Grandmaster Chris Chan has taught Wing Chun Kung Fu to students of all ages for over 60 years and continues to carry on the tradition. Adults, teens, and juniors/children can all take classes. 

Grandmaster Chan Kam Shing (Chris Chan) was born in the Year of the Dragon in Hong Kong. He saw Wing Chun for the first time in 1955. This experience impacted the young Chris Chan so much that he sought out and became a student of the legendary master Ip Man. Master Chan Wah Shun, the famous Wing Chun instructor, taught only a select group of students in Fu San, Canton Province, Southern China, in the late nineteenth century. Ip Man, seven years old, had a strong desire to learn. When approached, Master Chan Wah Shun was impressed by young Ip Man’s enthusiasm and accepted him as his final pupil.


IWKA Kung Fu Hong Kong

Address: Hong Kong, Sheung Wan, Des Voeux Rd Central, 2852B Kam Hong Building


The Hong Kong Academy of Kung Fu is a school in Sheung Wan affiliated with the International Association of Internal Wisdom and Knowledge (The IWKA). They are recognized as one of the leading organizations for developing the Body, Mind, and Energy through Wing Chun and Taiji arts

Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola has extensively studied Chinese Martial Arts. He has combined his 30 years of experience and extensive research into Chinese martial arts history, philosophy, concepts, and principles with modern Western teaching methods.

More than any other sport, the IWKA Kung Fu program allows your child to discover their natural abilities! With their well-known IWKA System, your child will marvel (as will you) as they gain strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and harmony. However, this is just the beginning. The child’s physical abilities are the foundation for something far more important: the development of their mental and spiritual skills.


Iron Fist Wing Chun Academy

Address: Sofi Mohallah, 90 feet road Soura, Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir, 190011


The Academy is registered in Societies Registration Act VI of 1998 (1941 A.D.) Recognized by Jammu and Kashmir State Sports Council Affiliated with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (District Srinagar J&K), An Autonomous Body Under the Ministry Of Youth Affairs And Sports Government of India. They aimed to empower youth to climb the success ladder by enrolling them in sports, self-defense, and moral education. Sport is a low-cost tool that can help improve the world. Their vision is to use sports to make their society’s youth, particularly the females, a better and more secure place to live. Contribute to the country’s development through youth empowerment, Olympic medals, sports as a carrier, and the protection of women who want to learn martial arts.


The London Wing Chun Academy

Address: Cypress House, 2 Coburg Rd, London N22 6UJ, United Kingdom


The London Wing Chun Academy is a one-of-a-kind martial arts and self-defense training facility that caters to students, from beginners to advanced. Dr. Mark Phillips, the Head Instructor, has over 35 years of experience in various martial arts and self-defense concepts. The Academy allows students to improve their fitness, mindset, and self-defense skills in a safe and welcoming learning environment.

The Academy promotes an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming environment where they will assist you in progressing through your training and toward your goals. Everyone, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners, is welcome. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Sanda Kickboxing, Wing Chun, Fitness classes, gym equipment, free weights, heavy bags, wooden dummies, open mats, and a shower area are available at The Academy.

Mark Phillips created The Academy’s teaching methodology to encourage, support, push, and empower those serious about martial arts, fitness, and self-defense. His knowledge of biomechanics and psychology has also been combined to create a practical and effective teaching environment and self-defense system. He also aimed to equip students with the ability to apply their skills in any real-life situation.


5 Elements Martial Arts & Wellness Center

Address: 8324 Parkway Dr, La Mesa, CA 91942, United States


Their martial arts programs include Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun self-defense, and Japanese Jiu Jitsu. Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is a Chinese martial arts style that emphasizes long-range techniques, quick advances and retreats, wide stances, quickness, and agility. It also improves balance, self-control, and knowledge of body mechanics. Wing Chun self-defense is introduced in their adolescent lessons but developed fully in their adult curriculum. This style emphasizes the practical application of self-defense moves and the ability to fully protect oneself efficiently and effectively. Grappling and ground self-defense teach people what to do if they are thrown to the ground. While not always desirable, a grappling match can be very advantageous for the person who understands how to use the environment to their advantage. Their curriculum teaches people of all ages how to prepare for a situation like this effectively.


Applied Wing Chun Okinawa

Address: 2F, 1 Chome-9-37 Kubota, Okinawa, 904-0023, Japan


Applied Wing Chun teaches students how to fight with Wing Chun in a realistic, real-world setting. They don’t teach forms and then teach how to fight differently, using moves and principles that aren’t in the states. They also do not teach fantasy techniques that would not be effective against a live resisting opponent. They teach how to use and apply the moves and principles learned in the forms effectively and directly to practical use.

Their drills and exercises are derived directly from the forms’ moves, techniques, and principles. Beginning with the first lesson, you will start to learn strategies for self-defense. They will begin training by teaching the fundamentals, emphasizing correctness in all movements using proper body alignment and body structure.

They also emphasize understanding the theories and concepts underlying each movement and technique so that you can gain confidence in your processes through understanding and repetition. Questions are strongly encouraged to ensure the user understands the methods and activities. Students gradually develop the ability to apply their skills without thinking about it. As they progress, some students choose to compete in MMA or kickboxing events. Others practice for personal protection and a good workout. They have a very close-knit bond with their classes and consider everyone who trains with them to be family. They form bonds that extend far beyond the school through their training.


Wing Tsun Concepts Academy

Address: C. de JosepEstivill, 32, 08027 Barcelona, Spain


Wing Tsun Concepts Academy was founded in 2010 in Barcelona by Sifu Arthur Sánchez, a member of the International Alliance of Wing Tsun Academies with offices in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Egypt, and Spain. Year after year, their school has grown into a well-connected organization in the world of Wing Tsun. The school regularly holds classes and seminars in Barcelona and actively participates in European workshops with internationally recognized teachers.

Wing Tsun Concepts Academy was founded in 2010 in Barcelona by Sifu Arthur Sánchez, a member of the International Alliance of Wing Tsun Academies with offices in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Egypt, and Spain. Year after year, their school has grown into a well-connected organization in the world of Wing Tsun. The school regularly holds classes and seminars in Barcelona and actively participates in European workshops with internationally recognized teachers.

Wing Tsun Concept Academy is the peninsula’s only Academy that teaches Wing Tsun in the traditional Hong Kong style, as taught by the masters there. At Wing Tsun Concepts, they teach from the three pillars that this style is built on: the structure, how to focus the center line, and how to direct the force. It is a series of non-contact movements and positions similar to those in other martial arts. However, each activity serves a purpose. The forms help know the correct way to perform the actions in subsequent applications. Thus they are essential in their student’s education.


Wing Chun (VingTsun) Kung Fu Institute of Learning

Address: Martial arts school in Calgary, Canada


This ClubClub in Calgary practices Wing Chun (VingTsun) as passed down by Great Grand Master Ip Man to Grand Master Moy Yat and then to Grand Master Greco Wong. This ClubClub is managed by 3rd generation direct descendants of Ip Man – Kam Wong and Tony Yung. Both are long-term disciples of Grand Master Greco Wong. They run 3 Classes a week at two locations in Calgary, AB, Canada – Thorncliff Community Centre and the Calgary Chinese Culture Centre.

They strive to keep the learning environment fun, safe, and friendly, free of ego and politics. Their class is treated more like a social club than a business. Getting too many students and making too much money is not their priority. They’re there to train, teach, and have a good time. They love seeing their students improve. Grand Master Greco Wong maintains a close relationship and makes occasional visits and seminars as his schedule allows.


Ip Man Wing Chun Germany

Address: Rheinpreußenstraße 68, 47198 Duisburg/Homberg, Germany


VingTsun is one of the most effective self-defense techniques, even against ostensibly more vigorous opponents. As a result, VingTsun is also suitable for women, children, and teenagers. But there’s more to this Chinese martial art than meets the eye: it’s the path to self-discovery! The Martial Arts Center Duisburg has instilled values such as mindfulness, respect, and discipline for over ten years.

They have helped hundreds of people gain self-confidence, physical fitness, and security in threatening situations. They are also part of SifuGöksel Erdogan’s schools. Thanks to him, they drastically improved their Wing Chun/ VingTsun in such a short period. They are now collaborating with SifuGöksel to spread his one-of-a-kind method. There are no wait times or secrets. At any time, anyone is welcome.

We have plenty to think about and be concerned about in today’s modern society. Our thoughts flit from one to the next, anxious about the future, perhaps depressed about the past. We rarely find ourselves in the present moment, thinking in the present. When you believe in the present, your worries fade away, time seems to fly by, and you gain a sense of fulfillment. How do you attain this state, and how can you do so at will? This can be trained, but it always happens in real life. Anyone who has a hobby will be able to focus on their task for hours at a time.

Wing Chun Kung Fu’s benefits include improved body control, coordination, and balance. These are excellent advantages, similar to relearning how your body works. Body mechanics are responsible for body control. This entails learning how the body moves and, in Wing Chun, learning how to drive most efficiently and powerfully possible. For example, suppose the practitioner knows to relax the muscles and move from the joints. In that case, movement becomes more accessible, efficient, and powerful when used in Kung Fu.

All of these advantages become more apparent as we age. Having a strong ability to focus will benefit you throughout your life. Learning body mechanics, coordination, and balance are highly beneficial as we age, allowing us to age with complete control over our bodies. Similarly, with good posture, we can age with our spines in the proper shape, allowing us more freedom of movement in later life.